Tips For Detecting Mold In Your Home Today

Mold can be a particularly tough and insidious problem to deal with, especially if you aren’t necessarily familiar with the signs of it in your home or place of business. To make the whole process more difficult, you can actually have a mold, mildew or asbestos problem without even seeing any overt physical signs of it in your home. Since the main source of any mould – even that pesky stuff around your sink or bathtub caulking – is moisture or humidity – this can cause it to exist almost anywhere. You likely won’t have the knowledge, equipment or skills a trained mold remediation team has which can detect even the smallest traces of mold as fast and as soon as possible.

What’s the fastest way to find mold in my Ottawa home?

The easiest way this is done is by using air quality testing equipment which can be slipped into ventilation shafts or into floorboards to sample small particulate in the air. If you or anyone in your family has existing repiratory or asthma problems, any increase in the irritation or symptoms (that isn’t seasonal) may be enough reason to book a mold inspection. In certain circumstances, more specifically water damage you may want to book a same day air quality test that can let you know if mold exists right away just to be safe. The good news is that this is normally recommended and of course the cost is covered by your home insurance plan.

There are several common places you can spot check for mold which are listed below;

  • Crawlspaces
  • Basement windows (especially around spring time when snow melts)
  • Any area where humidity may have been excessive (around an AC, de-humidifier, etc)
  • Leaky pipes which can be anywhere in the house

As mentioned, if you don’t have the technical expertise or know-how (as most of us do), then definitely contact a mold remediator in Ottawa. Whether looking for a remediator, renovation expert, or a general contractor to fix the damage done to your home by mold, seek out a reputable organization like Allstate Roofing. Full scale testing which includes all toxic particles such as mould, asbestos, VOC’s (which can arise from lead paint exposure) and a few other technical ones can actually be completed in a total non-intrusive way and always same day. Ask your home insurance company for a recommendation if you need to find the most professional option in your part of Ottawa.

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