Mold and Air Quality Testing

Getting a quick and accurate read on the amount and extent of harmful organisms within your property, regardless of size is essential to understanding the removal and remediation process. Even if there aren’t any physical or health signs you may still have dangerous levels of lead, mold toxins or even VOC’s which can come from excessive use of harsh cleaning products or low quality paint.

Get the ultimate peace of mind for you, your family, your pets or even your customers by scheduling regular air quality testing. Our experienced teams use non-invasive, accurate and fast equipment that can let us know right away how much mold, asbestos and even VOC’s are in a certain area – even if it’s hidden behind thick drywall.

On The Spot Asbestos Testing

We can also test and detect even remote traces of asbestos which may be in your attic, within a portion of drywall or behind vinyl siding. You may have read about do-it-yourself methods online, but we would highly recommend contacting us for an all encompassing solution – the last thing you want to do is expose yourself to toxic asbestos without the right safety equipment or without locating all the spores and misunderstanding the extent of your problem.

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