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Mold testing and inspection is an often overlooked aspect of the remediation process, mostly by our residential clients who may be surprised by the existence of mold in their homes in most cases. Our comprehensive mold removal is separate from our testing and inspection service however we highly recommend investing in a full cavity test whether you think you have a mold or water damage problem or not. There are several reasons testing and inspection should be mandatory for any size remediation project and we’ve listed them below.

Firstly, mold is an airborne bacterium and thus can thrive in areas which are totally out of sight to you or your household on a daily basis. Within ventilation shafts, under sinks, behind drywall – these are all places we’ve found serious infestations in our clients homes and it was previously unknown to them. Our specialized process allows us to not only find the obvious mold hiding spots but also the more nefarious and hard to find traces of mould you may not be able to notice outright.

This testing process can be done by using specialized equipment to test air samples which is usually very crucial. Many times you may not see any visual indicators of harmful mold, but air quality testing will reveal the problem and help us build a roadmap to entirely remediate dangerous mold bacteria.

Formal and comprehensive mold testing isn’t always necessary. In certain circumstances if the source of mould is known – say for example, a roof leak or other predominant water damage – remediation can and should proceed as soon as possible. Not handling any air quality or mold problems can have serious health implications especially for large businesses where infected air can easily spread through an entire warehouse via a ventilation or air conditioner system.  In commercial instances a full scale testing, inspection and removal regiment is highly recommended especially considering the implications for customer health and liability.


mold inspection ottawa
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