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Free Visual Inspection

Contact us today for a free initial visual inspection of your specific situation. While mould can hide in other areas, a visual inspection is a good place to start.

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Safe & Comprehensive

We take each client seriously and preform comprehensive inspection and tests which include both visible and hidden areas. Ventilation shafts, behind drywall, under carpets – no mould is safe!

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Emergency Service

Call us any time! We offer emergency testing and remediation services around the clock. Don’t let the problem get out of control, give us a shout!


Get your mould problem handled before it gets out of control. Our team uses only the safest and most effective mould removal techniques and we guarantee a mould-free Ottawa property that is both safe for you as well as your family.

  • 24/7 Emergency Service Available
  • Full Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Testing & Inspection Available
  • Safe & Effective Removal Techniques


The facts are, you can’t have a residential mold problem without first having un-addressed moisture. So the first signs of mold will likely follow water damage. So whether that is a basement flood, an excessive springtime melt, or a leaky pipe that goes unfixed for weeks or months on end, these can all be sources of moisture, which will then become the seeds of growth for mould. Common signs you can look for that might indicate a wider problem include earthy brown stains, pungent odours, and even breathing difficulty for those with asthmatic conditions. If left un-addressed, this can have serious health effects on not only your respiratory system, but your brain health and ability to focus. We contact us today for a free visual inspection and let our team make your home safe again.


The most dangerous aspect of a mold infection is that it can go un-noticed for so long. Moisture can breed toxic mold spores, which are invisible to the naked eye and circulate, destroying the air quality of your home. Ottawa residents are especially at risk during the spring melt, when water and moisture can penetrate the perimeter of your residence.


One of the most worrying parts of realizing your home or business may have a mould problem is not knowing what the financial cost you’re going to be burdened with is. Generally speaking, full remediation costs can vary from $400-$5,000 and depends on the severity of your specific infestation. At times, getting to the actual area that has been affected can be a big enough job. Since mold lives off moisture and thrives during flood or water damage scenarios, it is often costly to fully investigate and remediate every corner of the ventilation system. This may seem excessive, but what the professionals know is that they need to offer a full guarantee  and that means getting every single inch of your home checked and double-checked for dangerous mold bacteria.

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