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Mold is a serious household concern, especially for residents of the GTA who experience significant spring melt and humid, long summers. Knowing how to prevent the growth and spread of toxic mold spores is absolutely crucial if you want to avoid the headache and cost of extensive mold testing and remediation.

The original sources of mold in 100% of cases we deal with are untreated leaky pipes, water damage, broken sealants on windows and basically any unnatural source of moisture. Without moisture, mold cannot grow and spread so the first step in avoiding high costs of remediation is definitely removing sources of excess water or condensation. We’ve found mold growing from the following household hot spots;

  • Basement windows (especially during spring melt)

  • Cellars and crawlspaces

  • Leaky pipes under sinks

  • Excess condensation due to overuse of de-humidifiers

  • Water or flood damage – especially when untreated.

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Un-addressed moisture combined with lack of light is basically the best combination you could hope for if you were trying to create the most toxic mold you could ever imagine. Unfortunately, this is the case for many Mississauga home owners and it has severe health effects on everyone that comes in contact with it. Perhaps even more worrying is that most people don’t realize they have a mold or air quality problem until health concerns pop up.


The worst kind of mold you can find in your residential or commercial property is definitely toxic black mold. These are airborne, so you don;t even have to have any severe water damage issues to suffer from an infection, however they do need areas of moisture to deposit and grow. When spring time comes around, most people in Mississauga are busy enjoying the sunshine and keeping busy with outdoor activities – and so should you. However making sure there aren’t any pools of excess water or condensation around entrances to your home will ensure that the toxic mycotoxins produced by black mold don’t have a chance to settle, spread and cause problems for you and your family.

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