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We’re your source for a qualified, trusted water damage and mold removal, testing and inspection contractor. There can be severe consequences to a mold infested residential or commercial property and there are endless cracks and crevices, most hidden to the naked eye where mould can grow and spread.

Mold can have serious health consequences to any of your family members or customers you patronize, Asthma, skin irritation, even breathing difficulty can all be signs you have a problem with water damage or mould bacteria.

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Mold problems can strike any time, and our crews are ready to get your problems solved – just give us a call.

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Home-owners and insurance companies all across the city trust us for their mold removal, testing and water damage remediation services. Don’t take chances and contact the Mold Remediation Pro’s in your city today for all mold problems, big or small

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Testing & Inspection

Not sure about the extent of your mould problem? We offer extensive inspection and testing services that can give you that peace of mind knowing your property is 100% safe.


One of the most severe threats to our home, commercial properties and families health is water damage and specifically the mold that it can cause. Many people don’t know they have a water damage or mold problem until they notice dangerous symptoms which can include breathing difficulty, aggravated asthma, and skin irritation. This can be confusing since there are actually many other issues besides mold that can instigate these symptoms. That’s where we come in – our mold remediation professionals can quickly and safely diagnose your residence or place of business and let you know if there is a water damage problem, and the extent of the mold within a reasonable amount of time so you can take decisive action.


The best way to prevent this type of infection in the first place is to understand the source of this type of problem in the first place. Household mold is essentially a bacteria that grows out of a standing water and it’s contact with oxygen. This is exactly why large scale water damage due to flooding is almost always the main cause of widespread mold growth. We’re all familiar with black spots near our tub or under our sink. This can be cleaned up with a basic consumer grade disinfectant, however once the moisture problem becomes greater you’re going to need mold remediation services from an experience company with the right protective gear and solutions.


Our team has diagnosed mold issues in everything from small apartments, to large commercial properties. We have the proper specialized equipment to look deep into the vents and infrastructure of your property. It is often the case that mold hides out of sight, and can be hard to notice the full extent of it with just a walk through. Behind wall panels, under floor boards, attics and basements are all common areas we’ve been able to find and remove mould for our clients. We also serve our American customers through out partners south of the border – check out mold remediation pros USA

In terms of commercial properties, whether customer facing or not, the health implications can be just as severe. Mould growth can start in moist ventilation shafts and spread very fast to your entire facility, resulting in a foul smell, and dark stains through drywall and other extremities. A mold inspection by our professionals will help locate the initial mold problem and determine how bad it is.

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